Text services

Do you have some magnificent ideas or business matters that need to be converted into a gripping and to-the-point text? Do you wish your website texts would sound more professional? Do you need a summary of your manuscript in the form of an exposé or require a concise content description, e.g. in English, Dutch or German? Could your company use some innovative content or web blogs? Or do you need surprising columns, truly fitting blogs or articles/items on specific topics for your (online) magazines or website?

Let me write those texts for you and/or your business. Catchy blogs, articles and other content, all tailored to your requirements. Due to my vast managerial and editorial business experience, I have a high affinity with writing all kinds of business texts, just as well as entertaining magazine articles. In closest cooperation I’ll write all necessary tailor made texts for your business!

Gratisography01 (Large)Website content, advertising and marketing texts (web & print), cover texts, ghostwriting, SEO texts, blog articles, speeches, product descriptions, informative texts, prose, etc. – you name it! The domain of textual services is more than wide and the requirements for those texts vary heavily.

Do you need further information about what I can do for you or haven’t I listed here what you’re actually looking for? Please contact me so we can further discuss your text needs and requirements.

In case of smaller assignments in this context, invoicing will be based on a fixed hourly fee. Everything about SoGraTex pricing can be found here. Fees and tariffs for larger projects can be discussed and agreed upon on an individual basis at any time.