Of course, you’ve already put a lot of effort and thought into your texts. But are they actually faultless? Might certain sentences or paragraphs somehow sound smoother or ‘rounder’ if they were re-formulated or put in a different way? And wouldn’t it be a shame if linguistic errors or uncertainties affect the overall impression of the text?

Even if you re-read and correct your text productions intensively many times, it’s quite possible that some (style)errors escape your eyes, simply because you have become far too familiar with your own words. This familiarity creates a certain text blindness. It even happened to me as well, writing my own texts on this very website! The ‘fresh’ eyes – the objective view – of a third person do see so much more. Outsiders notice all the things you happened to oversee because you know your text too well to still detect the smaller flaws.

During the correction of a text I check and correct the spelling as well as the actual use of language (orthography), grammar, punctuation and text order (syntax, structure, readability).

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During the more intensive process true editing, the text will be revised even more comprehensively – that is: linguistically and stylistically. After the initial correction, I will also edit the choice of words, the formulations (wordings), the clarity and comprehensibility of the content, the logic of the text structure and overall (writing) style. All of this of course by taking your targeted readership into account,

I correct and edit Dutch, German as well as English texts.

Documentations, prose, columns, technical texts, newsletters, brochures and flyers, blogs and articles, website texts and other content, theses and dissertations, product descriptions and user manuals – I assure you your written texts will be in top form after my swift and professional editing.

Everything the way you want it!



Writer’s coaching

Do you wish for your wordings and phrasing to be seamlessly and optimally formulated, but do you actually also want to learn how to become a better writer yourself? I’ll help you! Through coaching I can support you in all your writing projects.

Especially dyslexics experience writer’s blocks or even fear the process of writing at all. By now, I have ample experience with coaching dyslexics who have to write for their jobs or study, although they really don’t want to write, in fear of total failure. But also think of columnists who want to improve themselves (even further) or students working on their thesis. Business persons who have to write documentation, project and business plans, memos, articles and other reports or novice authors who finally found the courage to writing a novel or autobiography: all of them struggle with their wordings and find some kind of illumination in having a writing coach at their side. Do bear in mind that a good writing coach also sees the positive sides of a writer and his or her text.

Coach (Large)Improve your writing style. Overcome this fear of writing. Make your texts smoother with my help. You supply your text, I take it under scrutiny, assess and correct it. Following that, you will receive my report and the corrected/edited document by mail, after which we can interact via Skype (or e.g. Viber/phone) to discuss your text and writing style, my advice and your specific writing problems.

  • Why would you want a writing coach? Because coaching can achieve a lot, for instance:
  • Your texts will simply be better, more interesting, understandable and enjoyable to read,
  • You’ll save precious time in your work and/or during your studies,
  • You’ll develop a higher level of motivation for writing and generally enjoy writing more,
  • You’ll be able to optimize your personal writing style and process,
  • You’ll clearly be more creative regarding the design and style of your texts.