About SoGraTex

BildlogoWelcome to Bureau SoGraTex – agency for text and translations!

Translations, text production, ghostwriting, proofreading, editing, writers’ coaching, you name it. Everything’s possible.

SoGraTex edits, produces and translates all kinds of text material. Articles, website texts, brochures, scientific and informative texts, memos, columns, letters and emails/mailings, summaries an essays, manuscripts and presentations… SoGraTex professionally and discreetly assists and coaches you with all your text matters, regardless of the subject area or the text format. In addition, SoGraTex delivers a variety of business services, personal assistance, tailor-made graphic services and art.

Besides correcting / editorial services and professional translations in German, English, Dutch, and I also write tailored texts and articles in these three languages, all according to and fully in line with your specific wishes.

SoGraTex offers even more: graphics support (such as design and small scale production of business cards, brochures and flyers, coupons, websites, presentations, etc.) as well as business and secretarial services for your company (e.g. writing all business correspondence (NL/E /D), support for setting up business or branch offices in Austria, the Netherlands and Germany, organizational services, interims management) and writing coaching.

A special ancillary service under ‘SoGraTex – Graphics’ is Commissioned Art.
I create portraits (pencil / graphite), illustrations and paintings (acrylic on canvas) to order.

Who is this Lou?

zakelijk2My full name is Louise M. Bartels (1971), founder of SoGraTex. I provide services regarding the writing, editing and/or translation of professional business texts as well as entertaining and journalistic articles.

Over the past twenty years I have lived and worked – among others – in Switzerland (Lausanne, Berne), Great Britain (Bristol, London, Guernsey / Channel Islands), Germany (Munich, Hamburg) and Israel (Tel Aviv / Jerusalem).

I’m self-employed since 2000 and have extensive expertise in business consulting, organization & management, IT, market research and business planning. This enables me to create texts – business, organizational and technical texts in particular – in high quality, with a great affinity for and sense of the content and scope desired by you, the client. All in full accordance with your specific requirements.


  • Sociology of Work and Organization (M.A. – Cum Laude.), Specialization: Organization and Information Processes, University of Amsterdam.
  • International Business Administration (International Business Economics, English language study, B.B.A. – Cum Laude), School of Economics and Management, Utrecht.
  • Diploma Advertising / Design & Advertising Signs (LOI)
  • Diploma German business correspondence (S.N.A.P.)
  • Bachelor’s Degree – Export Management (FENEDEX)

Work experience:

  • Marketing Assistant, Climate Controls Company Ltd., Guernsey, Channel Islands (UK)
  • Market Researcher, Expo Consult BV, Maarssen (NL)
  • Senior Consultant & Project Manager, Company Mc Loughlin Associates GmbH, Munich (Germany) (1997-2000)
  • Owner / Director, Mc Loughlin Associates GmbH, Munich (Germany) (since 2000)
  • Owner / Director, Bureau SoGraTex, Ootmarsum (NL) (since 2015)

Still need more information? Feel free to contact me at any time!